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SJAMBA 2021 Baseball Registration



St. James Minor Baseball will be operating baseball this spring/summer.

We are planning to start Rally Cap & Grand Slam in early May. AA & AAA tryouts will be in mid April, with games starting mid May for 11U and up.

****These dates are estimates and may change due to Government policy or weather****

Registrations Fees for 2021 (by birth year):

Rally Cap (2014-2017) – $72.00

Grand Slam (2012-2013) – $165.00

11U (2010-2011) – $200.00

13U (2008-2009) – $210.00

15U (2006-2007) – $220.00

18U (2003-2004-2005) – $230.00

Junior Baseball registration dates and amounts will follow soon.

  • Tryouts will be in mid-April for 11U AA, 13UAA & AAA, 15 U AA & AAA and 18U AA & AAA.
  • Tryout fees for 11U and up are $25.00. Please check tryout fees if you wish to tryout for either AA or AAA. You will be contacted when tryout dates are set.
  • In order to be eligible for tryouts, fees must be paid by Friday, April 23, 2021.

For program information for the different age and levels, please click the links below:

Rally Cap

Grand Slam

A/AA/AAA (ages 11U and up)

After tryouts are completed, teams at the AA & AAA level will be formed. If your child(ren), make the team, further dues will be required:

AA Fees

$220 St James A’s AA fee

$120 (per parent) volunteer bond

AAA Fees

$375 St James A’s AAA fee

$150 (per parent) volunteer bond

$150 home and away jerseys. Some players may have jerseys already and will not need to purchase.

To give you an idea of what you may expect to see for basic fees, here are potential examples:

  • Example 1: 11U AA player total cost – $660 with $240 to be returned to family if both parents complete their volunteer shifts.
  • Example 2: 13U AAA player total cost – $1,035 with $300 to be returned to family if both parents complete their volunteer shifts. Subtract $150 if player already has home and away jerseys.

Please note:

Individual teams are likely to have their own team fees that are not included in the above. These fees would help cover costs of tournaments, extra baseballs, etc. Team fees are set by coaches and managers of each individual team. 

Individual teams may offer fundraising as a way of offsetting some costs.